Northwest wines made with the Alaskan spirit and an Oregonian sense of Mother Earth

Who is D'anu?
D’Anu is an ancient Celtic goddess of the Mother Earth. She is associated with nurturing the land. As an Earth Goddess, D’anu represents abundance, agriculture and cultivation. She is an all-encompassing Divine Source, the goddess who birthed all things into being and is a protector of the earth.
D'Anu Wines Goddess logo
Our Philosphy
Tied into who D’Anu represents, it is our responsibility to be good stewards to our good Mother Earth. We work with vineyards who leave the land healthy and able to produce quality fruit for generations to come. The vineyards are either LIVE certified or sustainable farm. As the fruit goes from the vineyard to bottle the same philosophy is followed, the smaller the impact we leave, the longer we will have quality fruit and quality wines.
A Boutique Wine
Knowing the vineyards, exactly when to harvest the grapes, how they should be crushed, the time in barrel and when to bottle turns producing wine into an art. Our boutique wines are meticulously nurtured and layered with flavors that are true. D’Anu wines are limited production, so we can concentrate on the development of each of our signature wines. D’Anu Wines are crafted with a sense of purpose and passion.