We would like to welcome you to D’Anu Wines and to thank you for visiting our site! We make boutique wines that are meticulously nurtured and layered with flavors that are true to themselves. We limit our production so we can concentrate on the development of each of our signature wines. We invite you to explore our site and come back often for we will be adding new features in the near future. Thank you and enjoy!!


Who is the Goddess D’Anu

The Goddess D’Anu is considered to be the most ancient of Celtic Deities. She is referred to as an all-encompassing Divine Source, the goddess who birthed all things into being. She is an Earth Goddess, associated with fertility, growth, plenty, abundance, agriculture,Wines cultivation and with nurturing of the land.

What we do to follow these thoughts

It is our responsibility to be good stewards of our good Mother Earth. We purchase fruit from vineyards that follow the same philosophy, they are either LIVE certified or sustainable farm. All with the thought of leaving the land healthy and able to produce quality fruit for generations to come. We all treat the fruit from the vineyard to the bottle with the thought that this is a long term investment, the smaller impact we leave, the longer we will have quality fruit and quality wines.

Bain Sult As

Go Raibh Maith Agat